Health-Kick Cocktails at The Botanist

Admittedly apart from last winter when I was pregnant, I don’t remember the last time I had a dry January. Detox is just something I’ve not had the discipline to do, except for when I’ve been expertly guided. For example, when I stayed at Park Hotel Igls which was amazing.

January is tough enough without having to sacrifice one of the greatest pleasures known to the universe, unless of course you’re in sunny climes – when a margarita on the beach becomes compulsory.

But saying that, like most folks in January I’m on a mission to fill my body with as much goodness as possible. Call it post-festive indulgence, post-pregnancy or generally project get-fitty. Whatever the reason, I was very excited to go along to The Botanist to review their latest range of cocktails.

Imagine freshly made fruit and vegetable juices involving ingredients that take you by surprise. Add a dash of Kamm & Sons ginseng sipirit, which is believed to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as promote relaxation  – all served in one of Chelsea’s favourite cocktail bars. What do you get?

You get …

Beetroot Mary, which involves freshly juiced beetroot with raspberries, coriander, lemon juice, Kamm & Sons and pepper.

The Botanist - Beetroot Mary

At first I was dubious about this cocktail. I wasn’t sure how the earthiness of the beetroot would work with raspberries as well as lemon juice. But this cocktail completely works. It was a great revelation. There is a balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the savoury of the vegetable whilst at the same time it was really refreshing and very easy to knock back.

Next on the list is the Canary Mary, which includes yellow tomato juice, lemon juice, fresh grated horseradish, Kamm & Sons and green Tabasco.

The Botanist - Canary Mary

If you are a fan of the Bloody Mary, you will love this and then some. This cocktail’s depth of flavour is something to savour. Definitely one to take your time over.

The Green Twist, which includes juiced spinach, spirulina, Kamm & Sons and celery, feels and tastes like a health juice. It is the epitome of the guilt-free cocktail and if you love green juices, this is one to try.

The Botanist

The Root Remedy cocktail has fresh carrot and orange juices mixed with ginger and Kamm & Sons. This is another refreshing cocktail with the ginger providing the right edge to it.

The Botanist

And finally there is the Double Apple Mint, which includes pulped pineapple & apple juices with Kamm & Sons and fresh mint. I loved the deep mint flavour of this cocktail with the taste of pineapple mixed in. I’m a huge pineapple and mint fan so I really loved that this was the last cocktail to try on the list.

The Botanist

During the cocktail tasting, I couldn’t resist ordering the soft-shell crab burger which I absolutely love …

The Botanist

… whilst the OH ordered a burger from the bar snacks menu, which he also enjoyed.

The Botanist

True, burgers are probably not top of the January foodie-list but when you’ve been sipping all types of juices it almost feels like you’ve earned the right to bite into burger. You know?

Each of the cocktails is £8.50 and will be available at The Botanist throughout January so if you’re looking for a guilt-free cocktail, I recommend you try one.

Disclaimer: The food and cocktails were complimentary which didn’t affect my opinion. As the OH says, the cocktails were outstanding. It’s clear that The Botanist team worked hard to get the balance of flavours right. They’ve really hit the mark with the healthy cocktail.

The Botanist • No.7 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8EE

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