Bumpkin’s Healthy Options

London is fast becoming exciting when it comes to healthy choices when eating out. And when the healthier options are available at a favourite local, event better.

This local is Bumpkin; be it on Sydney Street or in South Kensington, which has a brand new guilt-free menu.

Bumpkin Created with Julie Montagu, this menu includes four hydraulic cold press juices:

The Lean Green Machine has green kale, tenderstem broccoli, watercress, Cox apple, lemon, lime, spirulina and a pinch of ginger, whilst the Carrot Digestif includes carrots, oranges, celery and curly parsley.

Don’t Beet Around The Bush is made from beetroot, pear, blueberries, Cox apple, acai berries and lime – and the Bloody Berry has red pepper, yellow pepper, rhubarb, oranges, green kale and goji berries.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsEach of the juices has its own benefits that could make you feel good on a hangover, post-gym or just in general. And as for taste, they’re great. The Bloody Berry was the most unusual of the selection and as a result, the one I enjoyed the most.

After tasting the juices, I opted for the green kale and spinach soup which came with organic quinoa and seven seed pancakes. You may have read in a previous post a year or two ago about how frustrated I was that there wasn’t much quinoa in London restaurants. Well, flashforward to today and it looks like we’re finally catching up with New York where I was eating quinoa over ten years ago.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsFor starter, the OH opted for ribs. He’s got this thing for ribs at the moment and when it came to Bumpkin’s, (in his words), they were really succulent and fall-off-the-bone. They were really good.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsFor main, we moved to the salads. Mine was as a result of the Good Healthy Combinations that is available on the menu. I chose chicken to go with the braised celery, green lentil, wild, mushrooms, granola clusters and chestnuts …

Bumpkin Healthy Options… whilst the OH opted for prawns to go with malt glazed allotment carrots, roasted hazelnuts, pearl barley and spirulina salad, topped with goji berries, bee pollen and a sesame dressing.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsWe’re both fans of warm salads and were impressed with both our choices. I particularly loved the granola clusters in mine as they added a surprise burst of texture to my dish.

But of course, with all this guilt-free dining, it would be a sin to not taste Bumpkin’s Bloody Mary – which is so good, by the way.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsAnd if you are looking for a cocktail to order, then I recommend the British Martini: Gin, fresh berries and lemon. It is so smooth and delicious. You can be forgiven for wanting to order another.

Bumpkin Healthy OptionsI like this direction which Bumpkin has taken because it now has choices for every mood or lifestyle and if you’re like me, you can always mix them up a bit for a bit of guilt-free pleasure.

Disclaimer: The lunch for two was complimentary for the purpose of the review. But this did not affect my opinion. If you give this new menu a go – or the cocktails for that matter – you’ll see why.

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  1. February 1, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    This looks absolutely mouth watering. Thanks for sharing. Must try!

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