Getting the chop at Toni&Guy

I’m not looking forward to uploading my before and after photos but it has to be done, to show what a great job Yasmin aka Sarah at Toni&Guy has done.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I popped into the hair salon in South Kensington for my review. I had decided that enough was enough. As much as I loved having my hair long, it was time to give it the chop. Fact is being a new mother and running my own business doesn’t give me much time to spend on my hair, as you can see from the state it was in …

Long HairDry, lacklustre and overgrown. Sitting down with Yasmin, we talked about what I wanted. I didn’t give Yasmin any specifics. In fact, I just left her to it in the end.

Yasmin decided to try one of Toni&Guy’s styles from their latest 50/50 collection. Can you believe it? Toni&Guy have been around for fifty years? And yet, they still feel fresh and cutting edge.

The hairstyle Yasmin gave me was this … which I LOVE!

Short HairWithout knowing it, this was exactly what I wanted. The length was much shorter and it felt shapelier. And what I’ve discovered since, it’s a lot easier to look after. I don’t have to do much and it still looks more presentable than the mop in the top photo.

Before I left the salon, Yasmin gave me a goodie bag with label.m products inside.

Label ShampooI’ve been enjoying discovering this brand as my hair is feeling a lot different and is a lot shinier again. The sea spray is a good touch too.

So all I can say is a big thanks to both Yasmin and Toni&Guy for making the chop feel like an easy decision. I love it.

Disclaimer: My haircut was complimentary but this has no way affected my opinion. I hope you’ll agree with me that my hair has experienced a vast improvement thanks to Toni&Guy.

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