Summer Chill Out Playlist

The other day, when I was at the gym, somebody advised me to put together a playlist for when I give birth. She’d carried on from talking about her yoga classes, so I’m presuming that she was thinking of something chilled out. But given that I can’t even bear to watch One Born Every Minute, the horror of what I could be expecting made me think more rock or heavy metal. Would Guns ‘N’ Roses be more suitable?

Or what about something a bit more upbeat to help lift my spirits? Some old-skool Tod Terry perhaps? Or even Robin Thicke, to help me forget the pain?

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of playlist to put together. But given the summer vibe we’re all experiencing, I thought I’d put this one together first: something to chill out in the garden, park or on the beach to.

I am planning on filling up my iPod, which I haven’t used in ages. So if you do have any chill out tracks to recommend, please leave a comment below. I’m going to need as much help as possible on the big day. Or maybe you’d like to suggest a bit of Sex Pistols instead?

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