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I haven’t blogged about my pregnancy until now. I guess it’s because from one scan to another, I was wanting to keep focused on the little one and me. But with not long to go, the reality is starting to dawn on me and I’m feeling a little more comfortable putting my pregnancy news and findings out there.

One of my first discoveries after finding out I was pregnant was that my skin type had changed. Suddenly my skin was sensitive and the products I had used for some time were now making my face come out in blotches. I had to keep my skin care simple.

Another thing I have noticed is the amount of people who have told me that I am glowing. True, there are probably scientific reasons for this happening but I truly think cutting out alcohol and being conscientious of my diet has been a major factor in how I look right now.

And finally, as much as the hormones and ‘glow’ battle it out between themselves, there is one more factor that my skin has had to deal with: lack of sleep. People warn mummies-to-be to get as much sleep as possible, before the baby arrives. But either they are unaware or they have forgotten that a full night’s sleep dissipates the bigger the bump gets.

So all in all, skin care is a major factor when going through pregnancy and there is a lot to deal with.

The other week I returned to QMS Medicosmetics to review their Pregnancy Facial after trying their bespoke oxygen facial earlier this year, which you can read about here. I had also tried their Activator Mask and Hydro Foam Mask, both of which I love.

QMS MedicosmeticsTo me, the Activator Mask is like magic. You place a tab into some solution and watch it expand as it soaks up the fluid. You then unravel the fabric, which becomes a mask that you put on your face for ten minutes. The first time I tried it, I had the bf and my mother in the room and when I took it off, I was quite taken aback by their reactions: “Wow,” was the general response. Beforehand, if people were noticing my glow, I certainly wasn’t. But after taking the Activator Mask off, my skin was instantly radiant: this is the perfect pick-me-up for any face.

I have also become a big fan of the Hydro Foam Mask because I am in the swimming pool as much as I can be and even though I moisturise my face a couple of times a day, my skin can still become dehydrated. For this mask, you apply the foam onto your face and wait ten minutes before rubbing it in. You can also keep it on overnight and the next time I get on a plane, I’m also going to try using it. This mask works to hydrate the skin, leaving it plumped up once the foam sinks in or is massaged in.

So what about the pregnancy facial?

QMS MedicosmeticsThe purpose of the treatment is to refuel the skin, leaving it firm and fresh whilst working out the tensions in the upper body and it lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.

The stages involve:

  • Cleansing and analysing the skin
  • Exfoliation with fruit acids and enzymes
  • Steaming the face to open up the pores and purify the skin
  • Applying collagen with oxygen to provide the skin with essential ingredients, channeling them deeper to brighten and hydrate the skin
  • Lymphatic draining massage on the face
  • Applying the Activator Mask to hydrate, plump and refresh the face
  • A neck, shoulder and hand massage
  • Moisturising the face

When I walked into the spa which is located off the King’s Road, I was feeling tired and I had a small blotch on my face that just wouldn’t leave. By the time the treatment had ended, I felt so relaxed: at some point, I was definitely falling asleep. The next day, the blotch had calmed down and my skin was not only hydrated but also looking fresh.

The staff at QMS Medicosmetics are also very friendly and both times I have visited the spa, they have made sure that I have felt as comfortable as possible, and I can’t recommend their treatments enough.

QMS Medicosmetics, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB. Telephone: 020 7730 8090.

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