Elderflower Goodness With Bottlegreen

The first time I encountered Bottlegreen’s elderflower cordial was when I tried Grey Goose’s Le Fizz at the Grey Goose Taste By Appointment event last year. You might also remember me writing about Bottlegreen’s limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pomegranate and Elderflower cordial last year too. Well, last week I revisited Bottlegreen’s delectable offerings on the wonderful roof terrace of Belgraves Hotel. (If you haven’t checked out this hotel’s bar and terrace, I thoroughly recommend you do. It’s a veritable gem in the heart of Belgravia.)

At this event, I learned that Bottlegreen had a lot more to offer the palate than the wonderfully refreshing drink Le Fizz, which it has become well-known for in bars and clubs.

Le Fizz with Bottlegreen Elderflower

Bottlegreen’s elderflower sparkling drink is also a great accompaniment for gin. Or so my friend tells me …

Gin and Tonic with Bottlegreen

I, on the other hand, have about three or four more months of mocktails and so sipped (and thoroughly enjoyed) the pomegranate with Bottlegreen’s elderflower sparkling.

Elderflower and Pomegranate - Bottlegreen

Life can get a bit boring when you can’t drink alcohol, even when everyone is telling you that you are glowing: a lack of cocktails and vino would do that to you. 😉 But at Bottlegreen’s event I really enjoyed knocking back these mocktails!

But drinks weren’t the only delights on the menu. Bottlegreen and Chef Sophie Michell also surprised us with an array of elderflower-inspired dishes.

They included various canapés, of which my favourite was the crab. All had an element of elderflower in their recipes, which complimented the fresh ingredients perfectly. Admittedly though I didn’t try the smoked salmon canapés but my friend said that it was her favourite dish of the night.



There was also the lamb with elderflower jelly, which was divine. The succulent lamb married up with the very delicate flavouring of the elderflower jelly was a perfect match.


And finally, there were desserts of which I had the jelly (twice!). Again, the flavours were surprisingly delicate and enjoyable.


Who would have thought that elderflower cordial could be included in such a variety of dishes?

Bottlegreen’s website has a range of recipes you can experiment with at home. So if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, here they are: Cocktails, Main Dishes, and Desserts. Enjoy!

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