SACRED Spring/Summer 2013 at Chelsea Theatre

Good news! Chelsea Theatre’s SACRED Spring/Summer 2013 season is bigger and longer than ever, beginning on Friday 27th March and running until July 6th 2013.

SACRED 2013 - Chelsea Theatre

Kicking off with Dickie Beau’s BLACKOUTS: Twilight of the Idols this Thursday and Friday, 
spectators will get a chance to experience never-before-heard audio footage from Marilyn Monroe’s final interview. Dickie is the first person to have ever been granted full access by journalist Richard Meryman who conducted Marilyn’s final interview published in Life magazine. And whilst bringing to life extraordinary artefacts from Judy Garland as well as Marilyn, Dickie leads the audience on a bewitching adventure in sound as he channels the ghosts of his childhood.

SACRED 2013 - Chelsea Theatre

Other shows include …

Peggy Shaw’s RUFF (4th & 5th April 2013): Following an acclaimed run in New York, this highly personal piece looks at the effects and aftermath of a recent stroke and is a tribute to those who kept Peggy Shaw company for 68 years.

Shelia Ghelani: Rat, Rose, Bird  (25th April 2013), explores empire, colonialism, mortality and love. Subtly mashing up cultures, curios, objects and ideas, the piece is a poetic meditation on farewells, departures, long journeys and ‘the hunt’ for a better life, a better love, a place to drop anchor or a space to claim (finally!) as one’s own.

Stacy Makishi – The Making of Bull: The True Story (20th May) and The Falsettos (24th & 25th May)Chelsea Theatre will be presenting a week-long celebration of Stacy’s work with the return of acclaimed The Making of Bull: The True Story and the world premiere of her new show The Falsettos.

Cross-platform artists Grace Surman and Cathy Butterworth will present a sculptural performance double act in Two Four One One (29th May 2013).

Internal Terrains (1st June 2013): Artist Natasha Davis presents a poetic and sensual performance with film and installations, crows, cages and electric shocks.

An Invitation to Fall (8th June 2013): This free participatory performance will explore the shock of being out of control, the liberation of inelegance, the risk of pain and the jarring of speed changes all inherent in falling.

Richard DeDominici: Anarchitecture in the UK (6th July 2013), explores the rise of punk at the birthplace of punk.

And finally …

Wishful Wednesday: Chelsea Theatre presents a series of lectures from some of the most interesting names in contemporary performance. Wishful Wednesdays is all about hopes, dreams and predictions for future practice, and for the future itself. Speakers include legendary performance artist Franko B (13th March) and Artistic director of National Theatre Wales John McGrath (5th June) as well as Mem Morrison (27th March), Lois Weaver (3rd April), Rajni Shah (10th April), Ernst Fischer (17th April), Kazuko Hohki (24th April), Marisa Carnesky (8th May), Karen Christopher (22nd May) and Robin Deacon (19th June).

If you have read any of my Chelsea Theatre posts, you’ll know that this King’s Road Venue creates experiences that lift you out of your reality and beyond your imagination. You don’t come here to anticipate the obvious but to be wowed by performances that will surprise, entertain and move you.

For more information on SACRED’s Spring/Summer 2013, visit Chelsea Theatre’s website.


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