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You know that time in the year when the sun comes out (for longer than a day) and the tights and jeans are replaced by short skirts and dresses? But then you think dang, my legs and arms look too dry and dull to come out? Well, even though we’re not having the most inspiring springtime I’m already thinking about this moment in hopefully the not too distant future.

I’d prepared my legs and arms for some winter sun before heading off on my Christmas holiday and whilst I continued to moisturise daily upon my return to London, especially after a swim, my skin hasn’t managed to maintain its sun kissed glow from my sunny holiday earlier this year, for obvious reasons: central heating, layers of clothing and the cold weather. So when I was offered a chance to review QMS MediCosmetics‘s Body Performance Duo pack,  I jumped at the chance.

QMS MediCosmeticsYou may have already read my post about my facial at QMS MediCosmetics, so it’s probably not a surprise why I was excited to try more of their products: Dr. med. Erich Schulte’s work in bringing his expertise as an aesthetic skin surgeon to the commercial market has meant developing a skincare range that focuses on skin regeneration without the need for surgery. You can read more here.

The Body Performance Duo package comes with a Pro-Body Exfoliator and Lift-O-Firm body cream …

QMS MediCosmeticsI’ve been using the Pro-Body Exfoliator once a day for almost a week now and my arms are already very smooth and ready for short sleeves. I think my legs need a couple more days for a completely smooth appearance but there is already a vast improvement in their feel.

After using the exfoliator I make sure I rub Lift-O-Firm body cream onto my body and as well as the feel of the products I must also point out that I love their scent. Given the technology that underpins QMS MediCosmetics’s creams, you could be forgiven for expecting a more medical experience but I actually find the aromas very pleasant: there is something quite aqua about the exfoliator and the body cream has a simplicity that is both reassuring and not fussy.

QMS MediCosmeticsSo what is my conclusion from trying these products? Not only am I impressed by the speed at which my skin has recovered from the winter blues but the experience of lathering and moisturising is quite enjoyable because I know I am putting quality ingredients onto my skin. In short, when the sun decides to come out I know all my hard work in the gym can be confidently put on show.

*The products were complimentary for the purpose of the review.*

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