Ribs Feast at Bodean’s BBQ

Last night I popped in to try Bodean’s on Fulham Broadway for the very first time. I had passed it many times as well as the one in Soho and have always been intrigued. So with this weekend’s Super Bowl game in mind, I visited this BBQ shack for a taste of America – or Kansas City to be precise.

Bodean's BBQ - Fulham BroadwayDuring the day yesterday, the bf and I would IM each other ‘RIBS’ but what I hadn’t banked on was the wide selection of ribs on offer on Bodean’s menu.

Bodean's MenuIt wasn’t just a case of spare ribs. There were different types as well as variants on the BBQ theme such as burnt ends and pulled pork – the recent food trend of pulled pork had salvaged my ignorance somewhat.

So whilst trying to figure out the extensive rib menu, the bf and I decided on the Bodeans Nachos Supreme, which came with grilled grilled cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos. Nachos are one of my favourite snacks and I’m always on the look-out for places that serve them well.

Bodeans - NachosIn the meantime, whilst chowing down, I broke a cardinal rule and ordered a soft drink to accompany my starter whilst the bf sipped his beer and later on, bourbon. It’s so rare that I drink a cola drink. I don’t see the point unless it’s accompanied by whiskey. Otherwise, it’s just a glass of sugar. But I could not resist the Black Cherry Soda bottle that looked so American old-school and well, everything tastes better from a bottle. And this was no exception. The Cherry Soda was sooo gooood and refreshing.

Bodeans - Cherry CokeIn the end, for our main, we decided to go all out and order the Boss Hog Platter which had pretty much everything on it. I wanted to figure out the difference between the different ribs and get a fast-track education, which I certainly did in a very delicious fashion. Check out the pile of meat!

Bodean's RibsThankfully, I had the bf with me who was ravenous. Cycling 20 miles a day kinda does that to a guy and between us, we almost demolished this platter for two. Though take note, some folks also have this dish just to themselves.

See, almost demolished!

Bodeans - DemolishedSo what was included in the Boss Hog Platter and what does it all mean?

Well, there were the spare ribs and baby back ribs. The spare ribs were your standard ribs, although these were the longest and meatiest spare ribs I’d ever tried. So juicy! The baby back ribs were shorter, leaner and a tad bit sweeter. If you’re looking for a taste of meat but not looking to over-indulge and break your fitty regime, the baby back ribs are the way to go.

The Jacob’s Ladder Beef Rib on the other hand is something else. It’s pretty much like having a steak. It’s the big piece of meat at the back of the photo. It’s thick, juicy and oh so tender. So easy to cut through. If you’re looking for a chunk of delicious meat, this is the one to go for.

Burnt Ends look like chunks of meat and have been cooked for hours. And again, they are very succulent. There are no bones involved. They are just cubes, so they’re easy to slice through and eat without getting your fingers dirty.

Also on the plate was Pulled Pork, which is pretty much slow cooked barbecued pork that become so tender, they can be pulled off the bone.

And finally, the Boss Hog Platter had Chicken Thighs and 2 smoked Sausages, which admittedly I couldn’t get to because I was saving what was left of myself for dessert. But they both did look very good.

For dessert, and yes, we did carry on … I ordered a key lime pie which I hadn’t had before and which I absolutely loved. It was so light and contrary to my expectations, the flavour wasn’t bitter at all. It was subtle; more like a cheesecake.

Bodean's Key Lime PieThe bf ended his meal with the honeycomb cheesecake, which was the cheesecake of the day. Again, very good. Bodean’s really do good desserts.

Honeycomb CheesecakeSo that was my ribs education last night and the next time I return, I think I want to give the chilli dog a try. There are so many places that do a good burger but I have yet to find somewhere that makes a chilli dog that blows me away.

Bodean’s Fulham , 4 Broadway Chambers Fulham Broadway , London, SW6 1EP

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