Hunter S. Thompson-esque Beer Bottles

I’m not really a beer drinker – except perhaps on a hot summer’s day whilst sitting on a beach with a cold bottle in hand – but I am a Hunter S. Thompson fan. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my favourite reads.

I am also a HUGE fan of Ralph Steadman’s illustrations which you’ll most likely come across in Hunter S. Thompson’s books. And last week I went along to a preview screening of For No Good Reason; a documentary on the life and works of Ralph Steadman.

For No Good Reason film trailer

The documentary includes private moments with Ralph Steadman and features Johnny Depp as the ‘interviewer’ throughout. Johnny being Johnny is quite mesmerising to watch – and not just for aesthetic reasons. 😉

There is also some brilliant footage of Hunter S. Thompson hanging out with Ralph Steadman which gives you an insight into the long standing relationship between these two artists: they may have been chalk and cheese but there was also a great affinity between them.

Before, during and after the screening, beer and ale were served in bottles that carried labels designed by Ralph Steadman. Admittedly I was swigging water from a bottle whilst the boys enjoyed their booze. But I still couldn’t help taking these pics (below), which demonstrate clearly Steadman’s warped sense of humour and unique craft.

Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman

One of the most interesting elements in the documentary was watching Ralph Steadman’s creative process: how he could create an animal from a blot of ink. And if you’re walking along the Fulham Road (Chelsea end – just by 86) and are passing my favourite bookshop: Peter Harrington, you might just spot a few of Ralph Steadman’s framed prints in the window – so you can see for yourself what a great illustrator he really is.

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