Snapshots From My Week

It’s been just over a week since I returned from holiday and the 30 degrees heat I experienced over Christmas and New Year is now only a memory as the overnight snow rests on the top of cars in Chelsea this morning. Be careful on the roads everyone!

Heathrow Airport

Last week was relatively quiet because even though I’m not struggling with jet lag during the day, I’ve been waking up at 4am’ish and fading in the evening so my body clock is still adjusting. Sadly, I missed a birthday reception at The Royal Ocean Racing Club and dinner at The Wolseley after as a result.

But I did get up to some stuff last week. After a Soho screening of For No Good Reason at the Moving Picture Company, I headed to Wahaca on Wardour Street for a bite to eat. I grabbed a burrito and sipped a mocktail before jumping on the number 14 bus and heading home.

My Week - 14th Jan - Wahaca

I’ve also enjoyed being back at the gym. I love my gym, especially the spin classes which take you out of Kensington and into the Italian Alps with the My Ride classes. So much better than staring at the ground or the sweaty instructor in front of you.


I took this photo a couple of months back

And after the gym, it’s becoming a trend to head over to Whole Foods to grab a smoothie upstairs. Saturday’s pick was strawberry, banana and kale, which was yum. Though admittedly I feel like I’m becoming a bit of a Kensington gym-going cliché: most of the people standing in line for their smoothies are usually wearing their gym kit.

My Week - 14th Jan - Smoothie

Since getting back from hols. my skin has been freaking out, so I headed to Solaria on the King’s Road for a Dermalogica facial. I thought it was because my skin was reacting to the central heating which is turned up or perhaps it was the result of the long haul flight back but it’s just my skin changing type. As a result I’m having to give my multivitamin thermafoliant scrub a rest and find something to suit my now sensitive skin.

Solaria, King's Road

Last week I popped into Chelsea and Westminster hospital and took this photo (below). As you walk into the building, there is an aquarium and there are other pieces of art lined along the wall. There was also a second hand book stall set up on the ground floor and lots of people browsing.

It’s also amazing to think that Stanley Kubrick picked this hospital for his movie Eyes Wides Shut. Remember the revolving doors, which Tom Cruise uses? I remember seeing hoardings in front of the hospital with yellow cabs parked in front and wondering what was going on. Little did I know that one of my fave filmmakers-to-be was busy at work across the road.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

On Sunday I opted for fish and chips for lunch at Sophie’s Steakhouse with friends. The others had a steak sandwich; steak, eggs and fries; and a burger and fries. Our drinks ranged from mocktails, beer and cocktails. All very random, depending on how we were feeling and it was a great catch up!

Fish and Chips

So onwards with a new week. If the snow settles, I’m heading over to Battersea Park to take some pics! x


A photo I took with Instagram in February 2012 of Battersea Park


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