Dinner at the White Horse Pub in Parsons Green

Last week I had a chance to visit the recently refurbished White Horse pub in Parsons Green, otherwise known as The Sloaney Pony or as affectionately, The Pony.

But I have to admit, until last Friday, I hadn’t been upstairs to the restaurant. I’m not so sure I even knew it was there – after all these years!

The upstairs dining room has a more elaborate décor than the traditional pub interior downstairs. It has touches of art deco with the lampshades above the bar and it has a gorgeous birdcage chandelier, which I absolutely love.

The menus also differ between the two floors with both offering a beer matching opportunity for each dish. I’m not a big beer drinker but the bf tried one of the pairings for his dessert.

For my starter, I had the beetroot and horseradish soup which included apple purée at the centre of the dish whilst the bf had the pub’s celebrated Scotch Egg.

And for main I had the pork belly dish whilst the bf had the steak.

For dessert, I had a fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream whilst the bf chose the chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice cream. He also paired his pudding with a dark chocolate stout from Brooklyn Brewery, which he swears was a delectable match.

As much as the White Horse is a summer pub because of its outdoor terrace, it is also a great winter pub. It is cosy but has plenty of space and the menu is suitably designed for comfort. And if like me, you’re looking to pace yourself with the stodge this winter, there are plenty of choices with the restaurant menu that will leave you feeling satisfied without the need to roll out of the pub. The beetroot soup and fruit crumble were both light and delicious as was the succulence of the pork belly dish.

So next time you’re in the area and fancy a change of scene, why don’t you take a look upstairs and give it a try? I recommend it.

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