Diwali at Roti Chai

Last night I popped along to the first Ladies in Blogging event at Avista restaurant in Mayfair, where Paul Winch-Furness kindly shared his wisdom on photographing food: at home and in restaurants. We had bubbles, canapés and it was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers for the first time or again.

After much time spent talking about food, a few of us took a wander down to Roti Chai. Even though, after last week’s indulgences, I had promised myself an early’ish night yesterday. But with twinges of FOMO kicking in, I didn’t want to miss out on what was supposed to be a really great Indian foodie experience. So, I tagged along.

It was Diwali yesterday: the festival of lights, so not only was it appropriate to have Indian last night, it was extra special to see the streets lit up as we made our way to the restaurant.

There are two floors at Roti Chai: upstairs is more casual and is in keeping with the Street Food essence of the restaurant whilst the downstairs dining room is more formal and has a balanced element of kitsch-chic to it. Each floor has different menus.

And given that there was no room upstairs, we were grateful to be seated downstairs – especially as the dining room had a real buzz to it.

I always find looking at a brand new menu a bit challenging because it’s always so difficult to pick something off the cuff, for ‘fear of missing out’. That’s why I like to geek out on the restaurant’s website before visiting it for the first time. So, I was very happy to leave it up to Paul to pick the dishes for us – as was everyone else.

In the meantime, I ordered a cocktail that included whiskey, amaretto, and coffee which I really enjoyed.

Eventually the small plates arrived. The succulent pork belly; spicy lamb; hot chicken; spicy potatoes – all of it was SO good! My tastebuds were tingling with delight as I tasted each dish.

And after all that, we actually ordered dessert too. I had the mango kulfi and tried the Chai brûlée (served in a teacup) which were both so so yummy.

I’m very much aware I can be a creature of habit so it was a wonderful surprise to be introduced to this place. I feel like I really need to step it up slightly and as much as I love Noor Jahan, I cannot wait to return to Roti Chai.

So another indulgent evening was washed down with some gorgeous fresh mint tea and as I headed home on the top deck of the 414 bus, I was very happy to see more lights.

I hope those who celebrated Diwali had a great evening too! x


  1. Rufus
    November 14, 2012 / 4:14 pm

    Wow, looks incredible. I’m going!!! (Great photos by the way)

  2. November 14, 2012 / 10:20 pm

    Lovely photos!

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