Synaesthesia Treatment at Lush Spa

Last week ended with a Synaesthesia treatment at the Lush Spa on King’s Road.

Before I had been invited to try this 80-minute massage, I had no idea what to expect. I had watched the video on Lush’s website and read the rave reviews but still, I wasn’t too sure how such an experience could be available at Lush’s King’s Road store, which has one of Lush’s four spas in the country.

I had never stepped into the Lush King’s Road basement before Friday and if you haven’t either, believe me when I say it couldn’t be any different to the bright colours and bright lights of the shop floor.

The spa area downstairs resembles a kitchen in the country and the treatment rooms differ according to the type of feeling you are looking for as a result of the Synaesthesia treatment.

During the initial consultation, I had to choose the effect I was looking for from the treatment. I chose Mind Cleanser, which seemed ideal given the non-stop activity of my brain. With social media being accessible wherever we are and whenever we want, as well as the juggling of work, blogging and a personal life – it is usually difficult to switch off at the end of the day or during the weekend. So what better way to end the week than by clearing my mind?

Next, I had to choose a scent for the room. I chose ‘Hugs’. It was so cold outside and I wanted to feel wrapped up in something warm. I wanted a proverbial hug to make me feel snug.

The therapist filled the room with the scent of ‘Hugs’ and I lay myself on the table whilst specially designed music played in the background.

The 80-minute massage from head to toe also included the use of hot stones and the time passed quicker than I had anticipated, probably because I had fallen fast asleep during the treatment. I had completely switched off.

It turns out that 80-minutes was an ideal amount of time because it follows our natural sleep cycle, so it wasn’t a surprise when I woke up from my slumber that I felt completely refreshed.

After the massage, I was offered tea as part of the taste element of the treatment. But the charm of the Synaesthesia treatment didn’t really hit me until much later. True, I felt relaxed and my mind did feel clear but that night, I also had the best sleep in a long time. And on Saturday morning, I woke up with my mind completely clear. It didn’t matter that I had reached for my mobile, to check my Twitter thread as soon as possible: social media addiction self-admission. 😉

It also didn’t matter that there was as much going on yesterday as there usually is most days. My mind still felt like it had gone on holiday.

Two days later and on a Sunday night, I feel more ready for next week than I could ever expect to be. And now I wonder how I would be feeling if I had chosen one of the other words from Lush’s kitchen board: Ambition? Humour? Uninhibited? Perspective? How would these work with the treatment? I’m so curious now!

All I’m certain of is that I can’t recommend Synaesthesia treatment enough. I feel like I’ve got a new brain. It feels completely refreshed and clear: completely uncluttered. 🙂

More information on Lush’s Synaesthesia.


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