Solaria Beauty and Tanning Salon

Last week I popped into a Dermalogica event at Solaria beauty and tanning salon along the King’s Road. This place has been here for years and I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past it without taking much notice.

Located right by Royal Avenue, or to be specific McD’s, Solaria can be easily missed because you have to step through the door and climb a flight of stairs before you can see what it has to offer.

From the outside, it is also easy to assume that Solaria is only a tanning salon but it obviously isn’t – as I discovered.

At the event, I had my face scrutinised by this wonderful gadget that pointed out which areas needed more SPF protection, were dry or greasy.

The therapist carried out a face mapping exercise on me and recommended a few products. This was helpful because normally with Dermalogica, I buy the skin prep scrub but for my skin type the therapist suggested that I give the multivitamin thermafoliant a try.

I did and I absolutely love it! My skin looks so radiant every time I use it that I feel like I need to contain myself and hold back from using it everyday. I am supposed to use it once or twice a week. I’m going to go for twice. 😉

I also bought a large Derma Clay Cleanser. As Salma Hayek has said, her beauty secret is to make sure her skin is clean at night – like really clean. And this cleanser does the job for me. It suits my skin perfectly.

Over the years my relationship with Dermalogica has been hit and miss, simply because it’s not always easy to buy. I got tired of stepping into salons and asking for products, which they didn’t have – even though the boxes were in the window.

But now, I have somewhere to go on the King’s Road and I am very excited about this!

Another reason why Solaria must have skipped my radar is because I’m not really a tanning salon kinda girl. But I know quite a few of my readers are and if you are, this place seems worth checking out.

The tanning beds look high tech and are apparently big enough to wave your arms around in. If you prefer spray tans, Solaria offers them too. In fact, this place definitely seems like Chelsea’s best kept tanning secret and I guess that’s why some of Chelsea’s more recognisable residents come here.


    • Chelsea Girl
      October 23, 2012 / 9:24 pm

      Hi Camilla, this place does seem like a real find. At the event, if you bought two products you got a free facial appointment. So I’ll be returning soon and will write a post on how it went. x

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