SACRED at Chelsea Theatre: Jeremy Reed’s Piccadilly Bongo

SACRED is back for another season at the Chelsea Theatre and on Monday night I went along to experience Jeremy Reed’s poetry reading.

But this was not just one man in a performance space reciting his poetry, which incidentally has been championed by the likes of Bjork, Seamus Heaney and J.G. Ballard – as well as Pete Doherty.

Reed performed with a musician called Itchy Ear whose style is electro. And with enthralling visuals being projected on the backdrop, what I assumed would be a simple recital turned out to be a captivating multimedia experience.

Official Press Photo

The poetry was moving and explored the lives of individuals Reed once knew, including Francis Bacon. And one of the poems involved music from Marc Almond who Reed has collaborated with on his recent publication, Piccadilly Bongo.

This year’s SACRED season is running for a longer period than usual – until February 2013 to be precise. So there is still plenty of opportunity to witness contemporary theatre that enjoys pushing the boundaries on the King’s Road.

It’s a wonderful experience to be able to step into a space and be forced to abandon expectations. Your imagination and emotions are allowed to flow unhindered as a result. That’s what happened on Monday night.

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