Eyelash Extensions by Boudoir Lashes

It has taken me a while but I have finally popped my eyelash extensions cherry!

I guess this is because I very rarely wear mascara. But whilst my eyelashes are dark, they are also quite thin and short. So I thought I’d finally give extensions a try, seeing as they are guaranteed to be a lot less fiddly and messy than mascara. And there was no way I could go anywhere but to Boudoir Lashes for my ceremonial first treatment.

Arriving at BECCA in South Kensington and being greeted warmly by the cosmetics staff, I finally met Asma of Boudoir Lashes who had introduced herself to me almost a year ago. How time flies – and I have watched her company grow quite impressively over the last twelve months.

As I lay on my back and felt Asma taping my eyelids into position, I wondered how my eyelashes would end up looking: Liza Minnelli in Cabaret or probably something a little more subtle?

Asma worked methodically to add PBT (synthetic fibre) lashes to my eyes. And after an hour, I could finally open my eyelids to see the transformation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a ‘before’ photo to compare to the ‘after’. But trust me when I say that there has been much improvement in the eye department. And don’t you think they look natural? They’re just amazing and I love them!

But now I have to take care of them. For the first twenty four hours I have to be careful with water or cleanser going anywhere near my eyes. And there’s no swimming, showering or steam rooms allowed.

I’ll also have to sleep on my back especially tonight and I have to make sure I don’t allow the wrong products near my eyes to avoid breaking down the adhesive bond on the extensions over the next few weeks.

My eyelash extensions can last from two to six weeks, depending on how well I maintain them. And given that I’ve become an instant convert, I’m going to try to not be so lazy in this department.

Boudoir Lashes also offer various other eye treatments such as tinting, perming, threading and waxing. You can also try mink lashes which are 100% cruelty free Siberian mink fur.

So are you thinking of having your lashes done?

Because Boudoir Lashes are offering King’s Road Rocks’ readers an introductory offer of £99 for the PBT eyelash extensions as a discount from the full price. All you have to do is quote the discount code: BL10KRR when you contact them for more information or to make a booking. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Now, to try to go to sleep without ending up with my face pushed against the pillow! 😉 x

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