Big Apple Hot Dogs at Kensington Whole Foods Market

Last weekend, when I was on my way home from the gym, I noticed this …

… A food stall at the entrance of Whole Foods Market in Kensington. Big Apple Hot Dogs had rung a bell but I didn’t think much else about them except for they looked very good: meatier than your standard frankfurters, quite bratwurst-like. Although from hot dog eating experiences in Germany, it is more about the sausage than it is about the bun, which sometimes can be just big enough for you to hold the hot dog.

But like I said, I’d just been to the gym and I felt too sanctimonious to try one of these meaty mammas.

A couple more visits to the gym later, I finally gave in! I couldn’t resist. I missed the bratwurst and this seemed as guilt-free as you could get (with a sausage experience).

So yesterday, I caved …

And while there was probably more bun than I had wanted, the sausage was a great delight! Something to really get your teeth into and very satisfyingly so. The onions were also properly cooked.

The fact that Whole Foods is also round the corner from my gym is fantastic. It’s easy to feel good about myself with exercise and nutrition. And when it comes to these delicious dawgs and a post-gym treat – what else is better than a yummy carb and protein combo to replenish (achey) muscles?

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