Barbarella’s Relaunch!

If you’ve ever walked past Stamford Bridge either to or from Fulham Broadway, you may have spotted a blue restaurant canopy along the way. The white writing says Barbarella and you may be forgiven for wondering what was beyond it.

I know I’ve been wondering. I’ve been intrigued for years and yet I’ve never had the initiative to pass under the canopy to investigate. To me the place had a 70s vibe. It felt stuck in time and I probably feared having to walk straight back out.

But last night, my curiosity was satisfied when I attended Barbarella’s relaunch party – and in three words, I loved it!

As I descended down the stairs and stepped into the venue, the vibe was already at ‘eleven’: an extra notch up. It was heaving and buzzing – and there was a lot of excitement in the air.

Taking a walk around, I was pleasantly surprised at the layout. It was bigger than I’d expected which meant plenty of space for the dance floor, chill out areas and the bar area. And I loved the mirrored walls. But then again, what did I expect? Jack Freud had enlisted the help of  Alice Wilson, of Raffles and The Brompton Club fame as well as Nick Valentine who co-founded of The Cuckoo Club.

Most of the night was spent on the dance floor: great tunes!

But Barbarella is also a restaurant, which I am intrigued to try too. How great to have somewhere to go to for dinner and a dance – literally. The seating areas have a glamorous touch so it won’t feel weird just getting up and dancing.

As for the staff, they are truly awesome. Admittedly, I was flattered by the barman who stopped serving everyone to make me a rose out of a paper napkin. What skills. He so knew how to wow a crowd. But it wasn’t just him. Everyone was so lovely and seriously, this is a big thing for me. I love places that don’t have attitude – where you can have a great time and not have a care in the world. Barbarella is one of those places.

A huge win! x

UPDATE: I have returned and I did try the restaurant. You can read about my experience, here.

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