Being at the Paralympics

As I watch the Olympics and Paralympics Victory Parade on TV, I can’t help but think back to Friday and what an amazing day I had at the Paralympics!

Just like my first visit to the Olympic Park, travelling on the underground was very easy. There was the expected crush at Earls Court but eventually the crowd filtered out.

It was so great to be back at the Olympic Park, especially on such a gorgeous day! This time round, I had tickets to the athletics and I was so excited to be able step into the stadium.

Before the events began, there were a couple of medal ceremonies and the tears started to flow. Watching the wheelchair races and the long jumps for the visually impaired were both awe-inspiring – as were the various javelin and running events. The whole stadium was emotionally charged as watched on.

Watching the blind athletes running with their guides was also captivating and it put climbing the steps of the stadium into perspective. I saw some very out-of-breath people!

Of course, there some vino …

And more love for the Games Makers who I think were just amazing. Apparently, there were many volunteers who are unemployed. They will be returning to their other bubble and I just hope when future employers see ‘Games Maker’ on CVs that land on their desk, that they appreciate what an accomplishment this has been.

Returning to the Olympic Park was just as overwhelming and almost surreal as my first visit. And it wasn’t until the next day that I could take in what I had experienced. I really wish I could go back again!


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