London’s Fashion Night Out 2012!

This was my first Fashion’s Night Out and I absolutely loved it! I haven’t been able to go in the past because FNO has so far fallen on or around my anniversary with the bf. We celebrate five years tomorrow and given that we have all day tomorrow together, I thought why not – I should go and check out FNO. And I’m so glad I did. Let’s just say, it is so going to become a permanent fixture in my diary. I already can’t wait until next year!

So what happened this evening? Plenty! And I’m going to let my photos doing most of the talking …

Arriving early, around 6pm, there was no time to grab something to eat beforehand. But Tory Burch had put on this great spread with the skills of Street Kitchen and fed those who were willing to stand in line. And we didn’t even have to wait long.

I had the chicken dish with crushed potato and bacon bits, which was very good. The chicken was so succulent, it made me realise that I need to visit Street Kitchen properly.

Along Bond Street, Hermes had set up a stage and provided a dance show to swing music with dancers wearing skirts made from their scarves. Such a wonderful spectacle!

There was some dancing in the street too.

And look who I bumped into!

Henry Holland

My first stop was Louis Vuitton …

There was a great photoshoot set-up where we could put on wigs and pose in front of the camera. The photographer was really helpful with suggestions for poses and four different passport style photos were then emailed to us.

By seven o’clock, most places were rammed. This was Burberry.

There was plenty of Champagne and also popcorn. This was my fave popcorn: Tiffany colours.

Samsung Galaxy had a music stage and I managed to catch Dear Prudence who totally smashed it. The singer’s voice was amazing and it was so great to see Bond Street transformed into a music venue.

Later, on the same stage, Nicholas Kirkwood took part in a Q&A.

Next stop was Burlington Arcade, which was transformed by Burlesque Girls, theatricality, acrobats and even snakes (as in cobras).

I popped into Theo Fennell where I found Mr. Fennell himself.

And spotted in the window were the Safari Arts pieces, which I have a post lined up on for next week.

Another highlight was bumping into locals in the middle of Mayfair and meeting Dan Browne for the first time. You could call him Kensington & Chelsea’s resident DJ. 😉

There was so much to take in, in just a few hours. And like anything good, it just leaves you wanting more. So until 2013!

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