Watching Handball at The Olympics

It’s been almost a week since my last blog post and it feels like forever. The last several days have been so intense on all levels and all the balls in the air culminated to a rewarding afternoon off at The Olympics yesterday.

I have to admit, the only ticket I had applied for in the first ballot was for the Closing Ceremony. I hadn’t signed up for any of the sporting events and as the months went by and emails from London 2012 turned up in my inbox, I failed to take much notice and hadn’t tried for any of the other ballots. But as soon as The Olympics started, I was pretty much hooked. Isn’t it just amazing? – The atmosphere … the events … the medals and most of all, our fantastic Team GB!

So on Monday, I jumped onto the internet and bought a ticket to the Handball: Korea vs. Russia which was amazing.

I knew nothing about the game, which turned out to be fierce. These girls don’t mess about and when pushed to the ground, they don’t stay down for too long. The game was fast and this contact sport was aggressive. There was also a bit of humour at the expense of the Russian coach who received a yellow card and a two minute penalty for shouting at his team. And because he couldn’t be sent off, he had to send off one of his team. Can you spot him in the top right hand corner?

After the match, which Korea won by one point, it was time to go for a walk around to soak up the atmosphere.

I bumped into the legend Steve Redgrave!

Sadly, the weather became unsettled so it wasn’t about heading to the big screen and sitting on the hill to watch the other events. Instead, we headed to the Champagne & Seafood bar where we stayed for a few hours.

Eventually it was time to head home and say goodbye to a great afternoon and evening – and make a beeline for VQ for a midnight feast before bedtime.

Right now, I’m just so glad that the experience isn’t completely over. I’ll be returning to watch athletics at the Paralympics – and as for the Closing Ceremony, I’m just so excited to have tickets for BT Live 2012 where Blur will be playing. For now I’m going to forget the weather report which predicts thunder and just simply sit back and think of my Hunters. 😉

ps. I want to say a big thank you to the volunteers at The Olympics. They are such a great bunch – helpful and so friendly. As much as the sporting events are the focal point, these guys also make The Olympics what it is. Such a good buzz all round.

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