Social Networking Just Got Beautiful: She Said Beauty

Today was the launch of the She Said Beauty Social Network at The Soho Hotel.

And in case you haven’t yet heard the online buzz about She Said Beauty, this website builds on the word of mouth effect of social media with, as the name so obviously suggests, beauty as its focus point.

It allows you to connect with beauty bloggers, read reviews by people you trust and build up your own beauty profile.

So you’re already on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and anything else that is already going on – and what makes this website so special? There are a few reasons.

1. Essentially, your She Said Beauty content can be catered for your beauty requirements. When you set up your account, you have to fill in a quick beauty profile to help you access the content that it is suitable for you.

2. Once you have set up your profile, you can search for content based on products, brands, people, photos, videos and blogs. Whatever takes your fancy.

3. You can also subscribe to receive a Beauty Discover Box each month, which contains 5 beauty samples.

4. On She Said Beauty’s blog, there are Street Beauty posts which I love. By keeping it real, these blog posts can provide make-up tips whilst inspiring a touch of everyday glamour.

But like any other social media platform, there is so much you can read before having to try it for yourself, which is what I’m going to do here.

Though before I sign off, I’d like to say thank you so much to She Said Beauty for such a splendid goodie bag!

I’m planning to try these gifts out and will upload my reviews onto my She Said Beauty profile. I’m particularly excited about trying out the Starlettos …

Whilst trying the different colours and creams as well as the S-file nail file!

And of course, now I have an excuse to also go over my favourite beauty products which you can pick up from the King’s Road. Some of them will be old faves which I have relied on for years whilst I will also test new products that come out.

At the launch, I spoke to the founder of She Said Beauty and asked him a few questions about where the idea for the website came from as well as plans for its future, including mobile marketing. The mobile app is due to be released towards the end of the year and all I will say is that I am very excited for it. Whilst the reviews and social networking is an essential aspect of She Said Beauty, I think the app is going to take shopping for beauty products to another level and make it  even more fun. Keep your eyes peeled!

ps. At the launch, there was a bit of a how-to-apply lashes tutorial.

A tip being to place the mirror on the dressing table so that when you apply the fake lashes yourself, your eyelids are naturally looking down. This will make it a much easier job for you.

Thanks Alix for stepping in front of the camera!

I hope this helps! x

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