DUKEBOX Launches in September

So the word is finally out, one of the orginal team behind Public is bringing DUKEBOX to Chelsea in September 2012!

DUKEBOX, which will hold about 250 people, will aesthetically juxtapose a New York warehouse-style interior with eccentric theatrical touches featuring a series of nods to fantastical, and idiosyncratically British design.

The overall effect will invoke a grown-up’s playground, celebrating the elements of fun and surprise with nostalgic details prominent throughout, including carousel horses, a roundabout podium, caged jack-in-the-boxes, booths in the guise of Waltzer cars, a giant duck-on-a-spring and private dance floor caves.

The name, inspired by recollections of unimpeded childhood fun, is reminiscent of both the 17th century nursery rhyme “The Grand Old Duke of York” and a jack-in-the-box toy, whose surprise is featured following music. Other influences and reference points include The Magic Roundabout – in particular the character Zebedee, a jack-in-the-box, who operated as a kind of master of ceremonies within the surreal land created by Serge Danot.

DUKEBOX staff will be distinctive in 18th century style military coats, whilst sharing cocktails include the “Egg and Soldier” – a giant egg cup painted with a soldier, which opens to reveal a vodka-based cocktail for six to ten people. The drink will have its own soundtrack, and be delivered to the table by marching soldiers carrying sparklers. “The Present”, an oversized, brightly painted gift box containing a cocktail for six to ten people, will be wrapped in a big bow and served with a confetti bomb.

DUKEBOX will be open until 2.30am Thursdays to Saturdays and will be located at 266 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9EL.

See you there! x

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