Sunday Lunch at The Sands End

I am so late to the party with this one, mainly due to my own laziness. Anything over any bridge takes a bit of effort, even if it is merely a hump on the King’s Road. But thank goodness I finally managed to wrench myself from my safety zone and venture to The Sands End pub on Stephendale Road, because what lay in store for me was easily worth a trip out of town!

The occasion was the bf’s birthday lunch: a casual affair with a dozen or so friends. When we arrived, one by one, the pub was already filling up. And the buzz of the locals in a place so off the beaten track felt quite exciting.

As we waited for our friends to arrive, the menu posed a slight challenge. What was I going to order when all I wanted to try was their Scotch Egg?

Eventually our friends started to arrive and we were ready to order. I skipped my starter but snapped a few pics of those which arrived at the table. I also tasted a few and I can readily say that they had surpassed any level of expectation from everyone who tried them.

I was particularly worried about a real foodie friend who isn’t what I would call fussy but he does like his food to be good, like we all do. And he is particularly vocal and eloquent about the food he tastes. When he tried his ceviche dish, he nodded with approval and I knew then that we were going to be in for a delicious afternoon.

So what did the others have for their starters?


Steak Tartare



For main, I ordered the Roast Pork …

Whilst others ordered the Roast Beef …

And for dessert, I had the chocolate fondant …

As drinks flowed and everyone enjoyed their dishes – me definitely! – I did wonder why I hadn’t been here before (laziness aside).

Eventually, afternoon became early evening and we moved off the table and headed outside to let the staff prepare the table for the evening sitting.

Outside, we ordered more drinks and as time went by, I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to taste The Sands End’s Scotch Egg!

And what a treat! I’d never tasted anything like it before. The egg was beyond light. It was almost sublime whilst encased in a coat of crispiness. Such sensations.

Somebody ordered a sausage roll, which I didn’t try but it did look very tasty too.

Finally, we left and walked back towards the King’s Road. In fact, the walk was ideal and made the whole afternoon almost guilt-free, so much so that I’ll be heading back soon again!

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