Raffles Chelsea Celebrates 45th Anniversary!

A couple of weeks ago, I popped into Raffles members club on the King’s Road to celebrate their 45th anniversary by tasting their Cocktail 45.

Admittedly the Cocktail 45 won’t be available until October but this can only be a good thing. Why? Because the Cocktail 45 includes a delicate blend of gins, infused with herbs and aged for at least 45 days in oak barrels. So my tasting was a little premature but already so delicious!

The herbs selected for the Cocktail 45 were also highlighted by Sir Stamford Raffles in his book “A History of Java”, published in 1817, so the drink’s historical meaning extends beyond the club’s 1967 opening.

I had the Cocktail 45 straight up but it will also be available with bubbles. My cocktail was stirred with a sloe gin and served with a glazed cherry and grapefruit twist. If you are a martini fan and if you love cocktails with depth of flavour and substance, you will most certainly love this. I did!

Cocktail 45

Gabriel, who is managing the whole gig at Raffles, also spoilt me with cocktails from their new upcoming cocktail menu which included:

Clover Club (which we chased with a Crack Baby)


Rose Martini

The new menu will also include Tom Collins and Pear and Cinnamon Fizz amongst others.

Unsurprisingly, Raffles was packed that night and it is quite amazing to think that this club has been opened since the Rolling Stones and The Beatles were also hanging out on the King’s Road. So here’s to another 45 years and plenty more cocktails and clinking. Happy Anniversary guys!

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