Obikà opens in Chelsea!

Last week, I went along to the opening of Obikà – the new Mozzarella Bar and Restaurant which has opened in Chelsea.

When we arrived, the restaurant was already buzzing and we were greeted with a glass of lychee bellini, which we sipped at the bar.

It was great to take a moment to soak up the atmosphere and get my head around the concept of a mozzarella bar. What did it actually mean? Was there only mozzarella on the menu and did it mean you had to love cheese to come here?

In short, the answer is no. Of course being a mozzarella fan does help but as you’ll see from the tasting menu which we enjoyed, there were other delights to enjoy. (Warning: the list of dishes is quite long and yes, I tried every single one of them!)

The menu started off with a shot of chilled organic tomato soup, which was flavoursome and refreshing. At this stage, I have to point out that there is a no garlic or onions policy at Obikà. When asking why, I learned that the rich flavours from the ingredients meant that onions and garlic were not needed to enhance or mask any lack of taste.

The sea bass tartare and truffle arrived next.

And after, we enjoyed a platter of three types of mozzarella: classic, smoked and burrata mozzarella. On the plate, there was also a selection of meats, grilled artichokes and Sicilian caponata.

Pasta with courgette, mint, pecorrino and egg soon followed. And yes, I was still going!

And for our main, we were served grilled beef fillet steak ….

Along with pizza which was topped with grilled aubergines, courgette, smoked mozzarella and parsley.

And finally for dessert, we enjoyed a chocolate and almond cake with ricotta cream, honey, orange peel and pine nuts. Admittedly, I skipped the ricotta but the bf enjoyed it for both of us.

It’s amazing how much one can consume when the wine is flowing and each dish that arrives brings a tasty surprise!

I also enjoyed the stylish decor and had a sneak peek upstairs.

By the end of the evening, I not only loved the concept of a mozzarella bar but I was also really enjoying its reality. I can see myself sitting on one of the stools for a light bite or coming here for an evening of indulgence. But another reason why I love that Obikà has made Chelsea one of its global homes is because I am intolerant to dairy. And it seems that mozzarella is lactose free (the burrata mozzarella however contains cream). So what a win!

Thank you Obikà for a delicious evening. I’m looking forward to popping back in again!

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