London 2012: The Olympic Torch on King’s Road

So, this afternoon the Olympic torch made its way into Chelsea and along the King’s Road. Finally! The Olympic buzz is now real!

I missed the Ab Fab duo, who I would have loved to have seen. The changeover happened just a few metres away but still the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was great!

The sponsors’ buses were also fantastic and for a brief moment, it felt like the King’s Road was having its very own street carnival.

It’s really funny because whilst it’s obvious that so many of us live and/or work in the area because of the buildings around us, you really don’t get a sense of the people inside them until everyone pours out onto the streets – as if we were all taking our lunch break at the same time. It was just amazing.

So, what’s next? Well there’s the opening ceremony and depending on the weather I’m hoping to check that out at Duke of York Square, which will also be screening the Olympic events. You can find their schedule here.

Also, there’s the road race which will be passing through Chelsea on Saturday 28th (Mens) and Sunday 29th (Womens). If the test race is anything to go by, the cyclists head to Surrey on the same side as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and return via the opposite side. And it looks like they set off from their starting point around 10am but click here for the official details.

And if you haven’t seen the signs yet, there are road closures along Fulham Road for most of the weekend and no parking at all. Here’s a link to TFL’s page for more info on travel.

So I hope you have fun with whatever you’re doing over the weekend. And if anyone knows who was carrying the torch in my photo above, please could you let me know? I would love to find out!

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