Wimbledon Martini at The Botanist

You probably know what a fan I am of The Botanist’s cocktails, so needless to say I’m delighted to share its Wimbledon Martini recipe with you.

The cocktail recipe has been created by Chief Mixologist Paulo Brammer and you can of course try it at home or pop into The Botanist or The Cadogan Arms on King’s Road to have it made for you. It is also available at Chiswell Street Dining Rooms from 26th June to 8th July if you’re in the Barbican area.

The Wimbledon Martini is made with fresh strawberries shaken with Pampero Blanco rum and amaretto, topped with a layer of double cream and amaretto biscuits – and is a deliciously sweet cocktail with a hint of fresh almonds and a dash lime to balance the fruity flavours.

So this is how you make it …

Ingredients: 4 Strawberries, 40ml Pampero Blanco, 15ml Amaretto, 10ml Lime juice, 10ml Gomme, Garnish, Double cream, Amaretto biscuits


  1. Muddle strawberries
  2. Add the Pamero Blanco, amaretto, lime juice and gomme
  3. Shake and fine strain into a martini glass
  4. Layer double cream thinly over the top and garnish with crumbled amaretto biscuits.

Also, look out for a chance to win free cocktails at The Botanist on Twitter. Whilst Wimbledon is on, you could win yourself a tasting of the Wimbledon Martini. Good luck and happy clinking!

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