Taking Part in Donna Ida’s London to Brighton cycle ride in aid of Jeans For Genes

The big day is Saturday 25th August 2012 and the event is a London to Brighton cycle ride in aid of Jeans For Genes. I will be part of Team Donna Ida and to put it bluntly, I am completely petrified at the thought of doing this!

I had signed up about a month ago, after having returned from holiday and having decided to eat out instead of go to the gym. It was over dessert when I realised that I needed some kind of challenge to keep me fit. Last year, I had sponsored Donna Ida for her charity run and so I thought this year I’d give it a go myself. Except for this time round, there was more to choose from in terms of events: a 5k run, a trekathon and/or a bike ride.

My choice of event was a no-brainer. Why? Because the bf is a cycle geek and I love watching his eyes light up. Also, cycling’s more fun than running and I get to go to the beach afterwards! So I promptly signed up when I returned home that night and in the sober hour of the following morning, I realised the seriousness of what I had committed myself to. I had to train for a 57 plus cycle ride; there was a very large hill at the end of the journey and given the summer we’ve been having, there was also a likelihood that I’d be doing all of this in the rain – probably with a bit of gusty winds thrown in.

But to be frank, I wasn’t going to let reality biting dampen my spirit because the truth of the matter is that I love doing stuff for charity: no matter how big or small. Every day situations always make me smile.

Jeans For Genes focuses on helping children with genetic disorders, which affects 1 in every 25 children born in the UK: 30,000 babies each year. I don’t have any children but if I imagine myself in the situation of the parents of the children which Jeans For Genes help, I can only think of the wonderful work that this charity does.

Whilst writing this post, there is just over 2 months to go before I have to be cycle fit. And in that time, I will be letting you know how I go with my training: from my training schedule to my weekly training updates. For the cycle geeks amongst you, I will be uploading my weekly training routes which you can apparently download onto your GPS. (Yes, the bf is getting very excited about this part).

For sponsorship, there is also a JustGiving page for Donna Ida’s team which you can find here. If you would like to sponsor me, all you need to do is include my name in your sponsor message: King’s Road Rocks!, Chelsea Girl or my real name … Mina! Any of them will do.

So here goes, I’m psyching myself up, let the summer of sport now become personal!

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