Great Pizza at Brooklyn Bite

So Brooklyn Bite has finally opened on the King’s Road and it was so worth the wait!

The interior feels like it has opened up since its last incarnation, so there isn’t that crammed feeling anymore.

For starters, the bf and I shared a dish of meatballs which were melt in your mouth succulent.

And for our pizza of choice, we picked the 12 inch Fugetaboutit, which includes red sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, ham, pepperoni and salami. The great thing about this pizza is the texture of its ingredients. The meat is actually meaty. You can bite into the pieces of ham instead of feeling slivers of meat slide  into your mouth. This is really something to get your teeth into!

And for dessert, of course we had to pick the Oreo Cheesecake which we shared between us. This felt like a real cheesecake with the Oreo biscuit as the base. There’s no messing about with the centre.

The bf washed his meal down with a Brooklyn lager. I took a swig and I have to admit, this is good beer!

But I opted for a glass of Prosecco instead.

A Prosecco half-drunk

As well as the dining area upstairs, there is a bar downstairs too. It’s open until 11pm and there is a screen to watch sports on it. I took a peek downstairs and it is a good sized space. I’d love to see that space fill up because with the pizza restaurant upstairs, I can imagine this place to have an awesome buzz.

So what’s my verdict? It’s great to have Brooklyn Bite as another pizza option in the area. It’s a stylish venue that serves up good food. Plus, the staff are really lovely. What’s not to love about it?


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