MINT Polo in the Park

So this was my first year at MINT Polo in the Park. If you follow my tweets, you may know that I made it to Finals Day after spending the last few days in the country. Heading back to London, I was intrigued to see how town and country were going to mix at Hurlingham Park. After all, I liked the idea of an urban setting for a polo tournament.

With a Grandstand on one side and the Hospitality tents on the other, the top end of the pitch was dominated by the Veuve Clicquot area.

Where we watched through netting as Moscow beat Sydney in the last leg of the semi-finals.

Elsewhere, Harrods looked after the food area.

I tried the burger which came with chilli chips, which were a bit of a pleasant surprise.

And I have to applaud the staff dishing out the food because they dealt with a sudden onslaught of punters quite swiftly.

With an hour to go until the final match, most people decided that it was time to have a bite to eat – including myself.

As for drinks, I enjoyed Champagne …

And Pimms …

There was a Pimms bus …

And a pub area …

There was also entertainment …

And some fun time, replacing the divots.

Walking with the Wounded were a charity that were very much present during the day and if you’d like to find out more about what they do, please click here.

The final match was between London and Buenos Aires and admittedly, I did wonder if London stood a chance. I know, you’re not supposed to doubt your team but … Buenos Aires!

And here are my favourite moments from the match.

London beat Buenos Aires 8-7. Well done guys!!

It was a great match indeed!

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