Watching Chelsea’s Victory Parade

Chelsea Football Club’s double win Victory Parade has just happened and I managed to catch it on the corner of Hortensia Road and Fulham Road. But if you missed it, here is a video recording which the bf kindly offered to do for me on his iPhone.

As the buses continued along Hortensia Road, crowds from Stamford Bridge started to proceed down the road and we were swept away in the moment. Here, have a watch.

Whilst the bf filmed away for me – and what a rock star he was for doing so because he’s really not a fan of football! – I took some photos, which hopefully captured a sense of the afternoon. I had a bit of time to snap away because the parade didn’t start at 4pm as scheduled but probably half an hour or so later.

I’ve also been to a couple of Chelsea matches but one thing I’d discovered this afternoon is how many uses a flag actually has. You can wear it.

And of course, fly it.

Also, hats don’t have to always be silly.

They can have a more sophisticated look too. 😉

Scarves are also essential!

And finally, I learned that children look cuter in football t-shirts than middle-aged men.

The atmosphere was completely buzzing.

And the crowd went wild when the footballers and the Champions League Cup arrived in their coaches.

We had to wait a short while until the parade started but it was so worth it!

Once again, very well done to Chelsea! It was so great to see all types of Chelsea fans take to the streets and support their team. And of course, it feels like the perfect kick off to an awesome summer!

ps. And if you’re confused as to why celery was thrown around, it has something to do with a particular CFC chant.

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