The Windsor Burger at GBK

It’s been a while since I last visited Gourmet Burger Kitchen. In fact, it was so long ago I hadn’t realised that they had moved on from serving solely ciabatta buns with their burgers and had branched out into various other options including the brioche.

This evening I popped into the branch that I used to always go to: South Kensington’s on Old Brompton Road, to try their new Windsor.

With so many burger restaurants to choose from and each working to outdo each other, it’s a wonder how GBK could step back into the race and compete with all the relatively new kids on the block. But they have and successfully too.

The Windsor is the result of an exclusive arrangement between GBK and The Royal Farms. The tasty burger which is limited edition is made from beef reared on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The tender burger is the result of quality beef being hung and aged to also make it flavoursome. It’s always great to be able to taste the meat, if that makes sense in this mass market age.

The burger is served in a brioche bun along with a salad and relish.

I had my burger with skinny fries …

And a large glass of Pinot Noir. I don’t usually order large glasses of wine but tonight was an exception. It’s been a busy week! (Admittedly I am pedantic enough to prefer two small glasses to one large one. Anyone else think like that?)

The Windsor was launched on Monday and only a small number of the burger patties are delivered to each branch. Old Brompton Road receives about a dozen each week whilst the larger restaurants will receive a few more but not that much more. Also, it is important that the patties are fresh so they don’t hang around beyond their best before date. In other words, quality meat is the essential ingredient in this burger. And what a way to be reminded of and re-introduced to an old friend, called GBK. I loved every bit of it.

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