Supper at The Markham Inn

Yesterday I popped into The Markham Inn for a drink, after being out of town for a couple of days.

It was a rare gorgeous Sunday afternoon and Chelsea (FC) were playing. Arriving back onto home turf, I headed straight for Chelsea’s Farmers Market – The Market Place is one of my fave local hangouts. But as expected, it was packed and there was a queue.

So I made a beeline for The Markham Inn with the intention of staying for just one drink: a Dirty Martini.

And this has got to be easily the best Dirty Martini I have had in Chelsea – hands down. Each sip was heaven in a glass: pure bliss. Not only had the barman taken my order with reassuring confidence (I love ordering my favourite drink, not having had to look at the menu and for the barman to say “I can do that”. – Believe me it doesn’t happen that often.)

But this Dirty Martini was divine, so of course I wanted another. And given what time it was, I felt the urge to grab an early supper too.

So we picked up our glasses and made our way round to the back of the bar and sat in the dining room area.

Along with my second martini …

I ordered fish and chips.

The batter was wonderfully crispy and the fish was firm but silky. The chips and pea purée were also very good.

Meanwhile, the bf enjoyed his burger with a beer.

The last time the bf had a burger, it fell apart in his hands. So the fact that this one didn’t and that it tasted “extremely good” with its sweet cured bacon and brioche bun was a bonus.

I skipped the dessert menu and opted for an Espresso Martini, which I ordered without the espresso gomme. I don’t like my martinis too sweet.

All in all, I had a gorgeous Sunday supper as locals filled the front part of the bar. This was the perfect way to end the weekend.

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