Quilon in Belgravia

In last week’s Sunday Times, Quilon was rated 18 in the top 30 sexy places to eat in the country.

The Sunday Times describes the venue as perfect if you love Indian food and suggests booking one of the two private booths for some privacy.

A couple of months back, I visited the Michelin starred Indian restaurant to meet with its head chef Sriram Aylur – to talk about Quilon which he moved to after it was set up in 1999 and to discuss Bombay Brasserie which he now also oversees.

CG: How did you find your way to Quilon?

SA: I had been working for Taj Hotels, which owns Quilon and Bombay Brasserie, for 24 years in India and before they asked me to move to London, I was posted in Bangalor.

I was very excited to move here because I consider New York and London the food capitals of the world.

CG:  What is the most exciting aspect of the London restaurant scene.

SA: There is so much competition here. We are not just competing with other Indian restaurants but with all cuisines.

Customers are also more discerning because of the increased exposure restaurants now receive. The restaurant scene is more different than ever. There is exposure to the quality of ingredients and the range of foods available to us.

CG: What do you like to eat?

SA: I eat all cuisines. I’m always trying something different.

CG: So what is the difference between Quilon and Bombay Brasserie?

SA: Quilon’s menu focuses on the West Coast of India whereas Bombay Brasserie reflects the diversity of Bombay. Bombay is the melting pot of India and there are so many communities within this city. As you can imagine, there is also a large variety of cuisines.

Quilon is located along Buckingham Palace Gate but sadly, if you’re thinking of popping in during the Jubilee celebrations it will be closed. 


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