How Audrey Hepburn Inspired My First Trip To New York

Today would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 83rd birthday and in memory of one of my favourite actresses of all time, I just wanted to post a clip from one of my favourite films.

The scene inspired me to go to New York during my 3rd summer holiday of university. I eventually rented an apartment on Broome Street with a uni friend and whilst looking for a place to stay, my only remit was that it had to have a fire escape like the one Holly Golightly had in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This was it … (not particularly glamorous but I loved it).

And at the back there was a long runway that led to the level below, which belonged to a dance studio. In the meantime, an artist of the Jackson Pollock era lived as a recluse in the basement. It was such a fascinating building with very interesting people.

Sadly, I never really learned to play the guitar and I cannot sing to save my life. So I just merely sat on the fire escape a couple of times and read.

I hope you enjoy this movie scene. She was such a beautiful woman!


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