Black Velvet Cupcake at The Botanist

So last night, I tried the Black Velvet cupcake at The Botanist. But it wasn’t made of Champagne and Guinness, which you might know is one of my favourite cocktails. This cupcake contained Marmite and cream.

Marmite, you say? I know, I know. I used to love Marmite but haven’t had in the last few years. I think The Botanist’s Jubilee Afternoon Tea idea is genius but I didn’t dare step up to give it a try – until now.

Last night at the Jubilee cocktails tasting, I was curious to taste the Black Velvet cupcake. Admittedly, at first I thought that the cupcake’s ingredients did include Guinness and Champagne but when I found out that it didn’t, I stuck to my guns and tried it anyway.

Hand on heart, I was so pleasantly surprised. It was so delicious. There was someone at our table who didn’t even like let alone love Marmite. But she loved the cupcake, which was actually sweet – not too sweet – and not savoury at all.

That’s the thing about The Botanist, they always tend to surprise me – in a very good way. Did you read my post on their Red Velvet cupcake? Here it is, if you haven’t. It also includes a link to the recipe which was seriously amazing: the best red velvet I’d ever had.

So I’m about to go back on myself and I am going to be trying The Botanist’s Marmite Afternoon Tea over the weekend. If the cupcake is anything to go by, I am very excited! And I’ll be reporting back, of course.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately I didn’t manage to try the Marmite Afternoon Tea this weekend (2nd/3rd June 2012) – but if you do get to have a taste, do let me know what you thought.*

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