A Lion Called Christian Returns to the King’s Road

Do you know about the lion called Christian that grew up on the King’s Road, after two Australian men bought him from Harrods in 1969?

The story of Christian has touched the hearts of millions around the world, thanks to YouTube – and it  is summarised in this video clip below:

The reason for this post is that I popped into the Chelsea Library this morning and was surprised to see an exhibition of Christian the Lion photos on show.

The photos show Christian as a cub and they follow his growing up on the King’s Road as well as his playful relationship with his two owners who eventually sent him to Kenya once he was fully grown. There are also some touching photos of the trio’s reunion.

The exhibition consists of iconic photos as well as a collection of intimate moments captured. They represent a moment in history when King’s Road was at its coolest and most cutting edge whilst also appealing to the nostalgia in you – even though you didn’t really know Christian in person.

Christian the Lion is an important facet of King’s Road history and I am so pleased to discover that this exhibition is on. But it ends on 13th May 2012, so there isn’t much time if you want to pop along too.

Also on show are prints by Joy Adamson, the author of Born Free as well as Anna Tham’s beautiful Animals in Jewellery.

And if you want to find out more about The Story of Christian in prints: His Life on the King’s Road, take a look at this website.

Chelsea Gallery, Chelsea Old Town Hall: May 2nd – 13th.


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