Favourite Places: The Wolseley

I’m continuing with my favourite places posts with my latest visit to The Wolseley, which is easily my favourite restaurant in London.

Not just for the food and fabulous décor but also for the staff. I popped in on Saturday for brunch and recognised one of the staff members who treated me to a gorgeous cake when I was once in there having afternoon tea for my birthday.

If I’m at The Wolseley for lunch or supper, I can’t resist the oysters:

Fine de Claire, to be precise.

To be honest, the oysters are really just an excuse to sip the best Black Velvet in London. J. Sheekey fans may feel the itch to disagree with me on the merits of who serves the best Champagne and Guinness cocktail in London but each to their fave.

This silver tankard was chilled. Just imagine. The perfect way to serve one of my favourite tipples!

For main, I ordered Kedgeree, which was faultless.

I normally opt for a meaty dish when I’m here but this time round I felt like having something fishy and wholesome and I was not disappointed. Goodness knows, I’ve made up for the meat intake these last few nights (have you seen my meatballs and burger tweets recently?)

For drinks, I decided to compliment the fish with a touch of zest, so I ordered a Vodka Martini with a Lemon Twist.

And yes, after a yummy lunch I decided to skip dessert. Sorry, no photos of the dessert table but trust me, the cakes here are great!

Whether you’re dining in the main room because you’ve been organised enough to book ahead or in the front part of the restaurant, which is left alone for walk-ins, the interior of The Wolseley is easily one of the best in London – if not the best.

The whole place oozes style yet it is so down to earth and friendly. That is why any time of the day or night, this restaurant is a win/win situation for me. And a real treat!

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