Interview: Claudia Sebire, Owner of Chelsea Fashion Boutique

Chelsea fashion boutique, Claudia Sebire, is celebrating 25 years on the Fulham Road with a recently launched e-commerce site which includes collections by Strenesse, Talbot Runhof and Trixi Schober.

Renowned for her attentive and personalised in-store customer service, Claudia Sebire is also keen to provide a similar experience for her online clients, as she explains:

“What I provide is a tightly edited collection of key pieces from tried and tested labels which our customers know and trust. Each season I choose colour stories and directional pieces that are pulled together with beautiful accessories for my clients. I am excited by the concept of bringing this highly personalised approach to e tail and broadening the scope of the store. ”

Located along one of my favourite Chelsea strips – at the end of the Chelsea Beach within the vicinity of Beaufort Street, the local cinema and a number of favourite bars and restaurants, the Claudia Sebire store has always been on my radar from the days when I would walk past it on my way to school.

So it was a great pleasure to meet with the store’s namesake owner before I went on holiday and to ask Claudia herself, about the new direction she is taking her business in.

Upon arriving at the store, I was made instantly welcome and as we descended to the lower ground floor for a seat on one of the comfy armchairs and a cup of herbal tea, I was secretly thrilled to be getting to know the woman behind one of Chelsea’s favourite fashion boutiques.

CG: Congratulations on 25 years!

CS: Thank you.


CG: Your new e-commerce site also sounds very exciting. What is the biggest challenge you’re facing with it?

CS: I am keen to evoke a similar personal-style shopping experience which my clients receive in-store. We enjoy good client relationships here and we make sure that we cater for each client’s individual taste.


CG: Who comes to shop at Claudia Sebire?

CS: I’ve had clients who have been coming to me for the last 25 years; lifelong clients. They have been the backbone of my business since day one. I have clients who are also time poor, so the personalised service which I offer them is very helpful.


CG: What drew you to set up your store in Chelsea?

CS: I moved to the area when I was 18 years old and had started working for Blakes Hotel. And at the time I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a boutique in Chelsea which I could go to. There was only Knightsbridge. So after my time at Blakes, I decided to start my own business on the Fulham Road and I have been here ever since.


CG: What are your favourite shops in Chelsea?

CS: The Conran Shop never lets me down. It used to be housed where Joseph is now and over the years, I have relied on it for presents, furniture, you name it. The Conran Shop has always stayed true.

I also like what they have done with the space in Anthropologie. It’s beautiful. There’s something inspiring about this shop. It’s individual.


CG: I love eating and drinking and would love to know, what is your favourite cocktail?

CS: I would say a Mojito.


CG: And your favourite London restaurant?

CS: I like Moro very much.


CG: And what about your favourite landmarks in Chelsea or beyond?

CS: The V&A memorial is wonderful and so is The Houses of Parliament. The architecture of the City’s back streets is spectacular.


Whilst talking to Claudia, a customer came downstairs for a browse and it was easy to see how relaxed the shopping atmosphere was here. Claudia knows her clients by name and they also feel comfortable with her.

In an age where chains and property development on a large scale seem to be invading Chelsea, it is very refreshing to witness the personal touch in Claudia’s approach to her clients. And looking at the Claudia Sebire e-commerce site, I have no doubt that Claudia’s ambition for a personalised online service will also succeed. Here, take a look.

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