Discovering Film Locations in Kensington & Chelsea

On Saturday, I joined Bikeminded‘s first Cycle Film Tour which has been launched as part of a series of themed cycle rides around The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

I’d been on a couple of Bikeminded’s rides before, which have involved cupcakes, ghost stories and the history of the local area. And they keep getting better!

We started along the Chelsea Embankment, which is easily one of my favourite places to cycle and before setting off we were offered one of these popcorn cupcakes, which were made by one of the cyclists who had meant to come along on the tour.

The tour took us through the back streets of Chelsea and into Kensington via Notting Hill and towards Ladbroke Grove. During the ride, we discovered landmarks which were used as locations for films such as A Clockwork Orange, Blow Out and Performance amongst classic cult hits. And we also discovered where films such as Golden Eye, Sherlock Holmes and Eyes Wide Shut were also filmed.

Here is a house which was featured in Withnail & I:

To sum up what I loved about this tour (especially as I am such a film geek): having grown up in Chelsea and still living here, it’s so fabulous to discover the significance of the buildings around me.

I also enjoyed discovering new cycle routes. Now I know how to get from the King’s Road to Portobello Market without having to take the busy main roads!

So if you want to have a try, the film tours will be taking place on Saturdays through April and May. The tickets are £7 each and you can book here.

Bikeminded are also organising a Music Tour (which I can’t wait for) and an Alice In Wonderland Tour, which sounds like it is going to be uh-mazing! To find out why I’m excited about both of these and/or to book your tickets, click here.

And if you are a bit of a film fan like myself, Bikeminded are also running a short film competition. The deadline for entries is 15th June and you can read more about it, here.

*Finally, to add a small disclaimer: Whilst I do freelance as a social media strategist for Bikeminded, they have not paid me to write this post. I wrote about Saturday because I had a really lovely time. In fact I would go as far as to say it was quite inspired and I just wanted my readers to know about my latest cycle ride.*

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