What’s Happening to the King’s Road?

I feel somewhat compelled to write this post because it woke me up in the middle of the night and it is something I clearly need to get off my chest.

I guess I fell asleep with the niggling issue that another fro yo shop is about to open on the King’s Road and I couldn’t help but wonder what in fact is happening to the place I call home?

I love gelato and fro yo. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I like to indulge my tastebuds. But with a few of my King’s Road faves disappearing off the local map, I’m slightly cringing at the transformation of this Chelsea landscape.

Last year, we said au revoir to Love Bakery …

And Black & Blue’s takeover of Picasso proved itself to be a very clever marketing campaign. It is of course no more Picasso and is now Black & Blue.

And this year, we’ve had to say goodbye to Mimi. *sad face*

There are still some fab indies left in Chelsea, such as Ad Hoc, Harvest, Fifi Wilson and Claudia Sebire to name a few. And I’ve heard that the problem runs deeper beyond the landlords; perhaps to higher powers – so it’s unlikely this post will make a difference.

But I just want to ask, do we really need any more frozen anything shops along the King’s Road? We have plenty and they’re great and I know this new one will be too. Yet, our climes hardly call for ice all year round.

As much as a pang of envy sweeps over me each time I venture to Westbourne Grove or a wave of nostalgia hits me as I think of The Garage (a fashion market where the Bluebird is now), I just hope that the King’s Road will bounce back. It doesn’t have to be to its former glory but something representing anything other than a coffee or ice cream parlour would be great.



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