Visiting David Hockney’s Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts

When booking tickets for David Hockney’s exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts, the only tickets that seemed to be available were for Saturday nights. I’d left it relatively late to book but after last night, I’m so glad I managed to snag a chance to take in this brilliant exhibition.

To call it A Bigger Picture doesn’t prepare you for the sheer scale of the event – not just in terms of canvas sizes but also in relation to the magnitude of Hockney’s works. From his more sombre 1950s pieces to his works of art created on an iPad, this artist demonstrates what a Master he truly is.

I could really go on but to be honest until you’re in the rooms, seeing the shapes and colours for yourself, the black and white preaching of my words just won’t cut it. Whilst you probably can’t pre-book tickets anymore, it seems as if you can still queue for them and buy them on the day. Upon leaving the building last night at 9pm, there was still a line of people waiting to buy tickets – and to be frank, I think the wait would be worth it.

David Hockney’s The Bigger Picture ends on 9th April 2012 and if you want to be transported into a world full of colour and wonder, then don’t miss it. In one room, it’s as if Hockney managed to bring Oz to Yorkshire and honestly – the vision is as magical as it sounds.

If you do want to find out more about A Bigger Picture, here’s a video to watch:


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