Sharpham Park: Spelt Delights

I have mentioned my food intolerances a few times and the latest discovery to help me maintain that non-bloated feeling, which I have been introduced to is Sharpham Park.

For those who don’t know, Sharpham Park is the brainchild of Mulberry founder Roger Saul – that’s right, the luxury brand. So it’s pretty obvious that the creator of Sharpham Park knows all about good taste.

I had discovered spelt in Austria whilst I was staying at the Park Hotel Igls, a Mayr health retreat. You can read more about it here. Spelt is an alternative to wheat flour. It isn’t gluten free but it is much tastier and is considered the healthier option. Spelt is easier to digest and it involves simple as well as complex carbs. It also has many other nutritional values.

I did my research because since I have taken care with what I generally eat, I don’t have that bloated feeling anymore and it feels so good. There’s no going back now and it means that I can also enjoy the odd burger – with bun – guilt free.

In Austria, I was consuming spelt in the form of crackers, which were tasty but I never thought they could be made any more exciting than well – crackers. But I was wrong.

Sharpham Park has introduced me to their cereals.

My favourite is the dates and walnuts bran flakes but admittedly I have yet to try the berries option. There is also the spelt flakes with rice flakes to mix it up a bit.

The Courgette, Garlic & Thyme Speltotto is for when you’re in a hurry and you want to grab something quick, tasty and preferably something that isn’t going to make you feel like crap. This risotto dish which has been named by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes 20-minutes and all you have to really do is add water and stir every now and again. Easy and tasty.


I have also tried the pasta. I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to eat pasta again but big whoop! I can. Same with Sharpham Park’s Shortbread. Delicious! And their oat cakes and granola bars are great too.

If you’re looking for spelt recipes, you can find them on Sharpham Park’s website, here. You can also buy Sharpham Park’s products online or else you can find them in your local Waitrose.


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