Lunch at Tate Modern

Last weekend, I had lunch at Tate Modern. It had been a short while since I’d popped over to Blackfriars but now that I have my Tate membership, I can see myself going there more often – as well as to Tate Britain!


The restaurant is located on the 7th Level and has one of the best views of London, if you can sit on the side of the river.

For lunch I had the liver with a side of chips. The liver was both juicy and succulent and it felt like a real treat for lunch.

The bf ordered the steak, which was also well received. The presentation, the texture and flavour of the meat were all impressive – as well as the bone marrow (apparently).

For drinks, we shared a carafe of white wine.

But it wasn’t just the location and the food, which I enjoyed. The staff were amazing. I had mentioned my dairy intolerance in passing and not only was the waiter beyond helpful but the Maitre D’ also came over to explain how they cooked their pork belly (which I had originally ordered).

To be frank, hearing about this process made me want to eat it more but then I listened to my nagging inner voice and opted for the liver – which I didn’t regret.

I love going to the Tate because on a gorgeous day you really get to see how great London is.

From the King’s Road, the 211 bus goes all the way to Westminster.

At which point you get off the bus and walk past the London Eye.

And along the South Bank.



Because of the new South Bank train or tube station that is currently under construction (at the time of writing this post), the walk goes to street level at some point.


I usually cycle to the Tate, so this means I’m going to have to rethink my route so I don’t have to carry my bike up some stairs with a crowd around me.

After the Tate, we walked back along the South Bank and popped into Skylon for a cocktail.


I ordered the Gorbachev Martini, which consisted of Legend of Kremlin vodka, stirred with Martini Gold by Dolce & Gabbana and Aperol and finished with lemon zest.


Whilst the bf ordered a Vodka Martini with a lemon twist.

And it was all in all, a fabulous afternoon!


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