Aroma Radiance Lift Facial at the Mandarin Oriental



Goodness knows how our skin has suffered recently: freezing temperatures outside and dehydrating overheated conditions inside. So needless to say, a visit to the Mandarin Oriental’s Spa to try one of their Aroma Radiance Lift Facials was a welcomed invitation.

As I descended the stairs to the hotel’s basement, leaving the hectic pace of Knightsbridge life outside, I could feel the spa’s zen calmness awaiting me. Even the process of arriving was enough to wind down.

Once inside the treatment room, I discussed my skin type and the therapist recommended the Aroma Lift Facial, to rehydrate and reinvigorate my skin. Each of the Aroma Radiance Lift Facials uses machine technology to omit electric currents onto the face, to allow the natural aromatherapy products to penetrate deeper under the skin.

My facial began with an enzyme peel, which contained passionflower and pineapple. Following the peel, a serum was applied onto my skin as the therapist massaged my face with two metal prongs, which created micro currents to lift the muscles underneath. This may all sound very technical but in fact it was very relaxing. I could feel myself drifting off as my breathing became deeper.

The next stage involved the application of a magnesium skin booster and hydration gel whilst a lymphatic drainage massage was carried out, again using the metal prongs. By the end, my skin felt instantly replenished and was glowing. And the following day, it still looks fresh.

I was advised not to enter the steam room following the facial but I did take a peek into the relaxation room before walking past the inviting Vitality pool. Pure bliss. And as I stepped back onto the busy streets of Knightsbridge, I felt a slight warm feeling on my skin and the vague hope of spring in sight. I can’t think of a better way to leave winter behind.

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