Wine Tasting Course at La Brasserie

Starting on Monday 6th February, La Brasserie will be running weekly wine tasting courses throughout February, in association with wine merchant Roberson Wine.

Each week will have a different focus:

On Monday 6th February, the tastings will focus on the ‘What’ of wine. Six wines will be tasted. The first will be to help hone your wine tasting technique. Then there will be two whites, followed by two reds to help you identify the major varieties. Finally there will be a ‘blind’ test to see if you can spot the key characteristics of a particular variety.

The ‘Where’ of wine will take place on Monday 13th February. Again, you will have a chance to carry out six tastings with a blind tasting at the end of the course.

Monday 20th February will involve the ‘Who’ of wine. Whilst looking at the most important wine regions with  an emphasis on the modern vs. tradtional, two wines made in the same place from the same grapes – but made by very different winemakers – will be tasted. One will be a commercial wine and one from an artisanal grower. Then you will taste two wines from the same place and grapes, but one aged with oak barrels and one without. Finally you will taste two wines from Rioja to illustrate just how different modern and traditional techniques can make wines taste very different.

The ‘When’ of wine will be the focus of the final course on Monday 27th February. This evening will focus on the impact that vintage conditions and maturity have on the development of a wine and when the best time is to drink up. Why do some wines age and others don’t? Why do people obsess about 2005 but not 2004? All of this will be discussed, in addition to how you should store wine and what to look out for when selecting mature bottles.

So, if your new year’s resolution is to embark on a wine tasting course and to learn more about wine, here’s your chance. Each course will last for one and a half hours and will cost £45. Guests who join in on the wine tasting will receive a 10% discount for a post tasting dinner at La Brasserie.

Enjoy! x

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