The Octagon Bar at The Clarence Hotel

The Octagon Bar deserves its own blog post for various reasons. Apart from the rock ‘n’ roll fact that it’s owned by Bono and The Edge, it also happened to serve what must have been the best margarita and fish and chips I’ve ever had. What a claim, huh?

Initially, I had an Apple Crumble Snap cocktail which was sheer indulgence. If you like White Russians made the correct way (with cream), you’ll love this! It includes Absolut vanilla vodka, apple sours, apple juice, cream and brown sugar; garnished with cinnamon. Heavenly.


I then moved on to a glass of Prosecco …


… As I ate my fish and chips. Uh-mazing! The haddock was smoked and the chips were
chunky. This was a simple dish prepared very well.


As for the margarita, each sip had such a satisfying bite that it has seriously raised the bar with my expectations. You get so many relatively watery margaritas out there, it’s refreshing to come across one that actually holds some clout.


The bar itself is a simply designed space. There is nothing showy about this place. It’s understated and the quality of the goods and staff speak for themselves.

As I was leaving I discovered the Tea Rooms, a smarter looking restaurant within the hotel and I was gutted to not have come across it sooner. If the bar was anything to go by, the restaurant would have also been great find. So if you’re in Dublin, make sure you don’t miss this spot!


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