Mophie iPhone 4S Juice Pack Plus

If you follow my tweets then you may have seen that since switching over to an iPhone 4S I’ve been harping on about the relatively short battery life compared to what I was used to. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m on Twitter and Facebook all the time, for work and for play. But isn’t that the point of a smartphone?

Anyway, my moaning  has calmed down because I received a Mophie iPhone Juice Pack – ‘Plus’, to be specific – for Christmas and it has transformed my relationship with my iPhone. I’m not carefully restricting my online activity anymore; concerned that I won’t have enough battery power to last me the day. Instead, I confidently check my emails, tweets, and so on.

So what is this juice pack? Simply put, it’s hard shell case which contains special powers – or perhaps some sort of battery charger. When you charge your phone, you do so via the juice pack. The case itself plugs into your phone via the socket which you use for your USB cable. And when you use your phone, you use it as you would do normally.

But when your battery power is running dangerously low, you flip a switch on the case and it starts charging your battery wherever you are. It’s genius! It’s like carrying two batteries around at one time and the switch allows you to flip between the two. I’ve already lent the case to the bf when his iPhone battery had run out of juice and we were out and about.

The case I received for my pressie pink (of course) and to protect the screen, I was also given a Belkin MatteScreen Overlay. There are three overlays in a pack so you can replace them when they’re scratched.

If you’re constantly on your iPhone then Mophie’s juice pack is definitely the way to go, she says now very content.

ps. Since uploading this post, a King’s Road Rocks! Facebook fan has just commented that she’s picked up a Mophie Juice Pack Plus from O2 on King’s Road. So, bonus, you can pick one up locally! x

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